Monday, September 28, 2009

I've spent months (MONTHS) looking for a job, internship, something to get me out of the house and put some more experience under my belt. I've done a bit of freelance writing: a honeymoon piece for a bridal magazine and some pieces about Dublin. (Dublin. Oh Dublin. I've missed you.)

ANYWAY. There be a point to these ramblings. After sending out about nine million resumes, I finally got an internship. I start tomorrow at, a travel website geared towards women. Words cannot express how psyched I am about this internship. It's writing. It's marketing. It's travel. Oh man, I love travel. But I'm kinda crazy nervous for my first day. It's like the first day of school. What should I wear. Will the other kids like me?

In other exciting news, I have ANOTHER interview for ANOTHER internship on Wednesday. Oh man. Two internships and no money! I should be so lucky. Seriously. I want it. I want it BAD.

In other news, my blog writing is rusty as all get out! Thank heavens no one reads this bad boy. Yet.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Recently I was at a social event where I met a very nice lady. We talked a little and then she said she had to jet. As we said our goodbyes, she went for a hug and I visibly started. Oh! We're hugging! I hadn't realized. I laughed off my awkward moment by saying,

"You know, I once thought of starting a website called 'hug or handshake' which would chronicle all my awkward moments."

"Great name for a website" she agreed.

A few days later I rememberd I HAD started the website. I just hadn't updated it in months. How's THAT for awkward.

Anyway, I am back and will try to update regularly, so all my fail will be documented.